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The focus of society is too often turned to whether you are in or out. Are you popular? Or are you just average? Are you good enough? Or are you not? Too many people view themselves as not good enough, and those are the people society shuts out the most. Everyone has a scar, or multiple scars….

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drown my sorrow so that there will be no tomorrow
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I want all my secrets back six word story (via velvet-plats)

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Reblog if you’re insecure with how you look.

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Q: Society sucks. You are your amazing, beautiful self no matter what idea is thrown into your head- and I'm so, so sorry that you feel the way you do. The world will try to tell you you're worthless. You want to know the truth? You're worth it. Take your depression by the throat, don't let it drown you. You don't deserve to live with that. It doesn't belong with you. I know it's not quite so simple to let go, but there will never, ever be a good reason to hold on to sadness and lies. I'm sorry!

i know society sucks. I wish i was worth it, and i wish i was all those things you said, and maybe one day i will achieve something but not just yet. And dont be sorry, nothing you said is wrong. 

thank you for your message.


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